Saturday, April 28, 2012

Student's Final Designs

One talented student will win a professionally produced Eastman Innovation Lab video for exposure to the design community and for use in his/her portfolio. Several students will also display their furniture at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, May 19-22, 2012.
The grand-prize winner will be determined by a panel of judges who will evaluate the design approach, use of materials, and the product’s purpose, usefulness and aesthetics. The winner will be announced the week of April 30.

Here are photos of all the students who participated in the Perennial Wood Appalachian Design Studio Project, including the 12 finalists who displayed their furniture in the High Point Furniture Market April 21-26, 2012.

Students and Designs
Photos by Angela Hensley

Michael DeMarco, Finalist - Strangler Floor Lamp
Erick Tang, finalist - Levels
Stuart Griffiths, finalist - Patio Partner
Nathan Metty, finalist - Strut
Ben Messer, finalist - Ellipse
Will Larson, finalist - Lax Hammock
Gabe Grant, finalist - Cascade Downsprout
Austin Richards, finalist - Reverb
Eugene Declos, finalist - The Wright Bench
Nick Barnette, finalist - Marty
Derek Elliott, finalist - Patio Chaise
Sam Felts, finalist - Extended Lounge Chair (ELC)
Daniel Culpepper
Jordan Long
Andrea McFee
Chris Wall
Cody Franklin
Johnny Nguyen
Bo Pollard
Cameron Morgan

 Grand-prize Winner and People's Choice Award will be announced Wed., May 3, 2012!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Formal Presentations

On April 17, representatives from Eastman Chemical Company came to Appalachian to view the formal presentations of the 23 students. Out of the 23, 12 finalists were chosen to showcase their work during the High Point Furniture Market. We will release the names of the students and their designs tomorrow!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the final furniture pieces!

Check back tomorrow to see the designs of the 12 finalists!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Students in the Studio

Check out these photos of the Furniture/Industrial Design students working in the wood shop and metal studios in the Katherine Harper Hall, Appalachian State.

Gabriel Grant
Stuart Griffiths
Erick Tang
Chris Wall
Michael DeMarco and Johnny Nguyen
Nathan Metty
Will Larson
(Left to right) Professor Kern Maass, Sam Felts, Ben Messer, Professor Richard Prisco and Michael DeMarco.
Jordan Barger
Cameron Morgan, Professor Kern Maass, Sam Felts
Nick Barnette
Andrea McFee

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Appalachian State University and Eastman Chemical Company are proud to announce the Perennial Wood Appalachian State Design Studio Project. This project is a collaboration between Eastman and the Appalachian State University's Industrial/Furniture Design Program. Eastman is providing 23 students with the unique opportunity to research the properties of a brand new product known as Perennial Wood. Once this research has been completed these students will then develop their own furniture outdoor furniture using Perennial Wood.

This blog will provide you with a front row view of this project. Here you will be able to find updates on the students’ progress, copies of their designs and sketches, video footage of their research, and everything else you may want to know about this project. You may also follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well! Both of these pages will be providing regular updates on the project and we will be giving away several gift cards and prizes throughout the semester!

 Be sure to read more about the teams and the specifics of the students’ research and follow them on your journey.  

What exactly is Perennial Wood?
Well, Perennial Wood is real wood that has been modified to be more resistant to the effects of weathering. It resists shrinking and swelling that causes cracking, cupping, and warping, without sacrificing the natural beauty of real wood. It is chemically modified with TruLast™ Technology resulting in more dimensionally stable and weather resistant wood. For more information on Perennial Wood check out the FAQ section.